Joan Herman & Richard Rasiej Mathematics Initiative

The Joan Herman and Richard Rasiej Mathematics Initiative seeks to improve the mathematics knowledge and teaching effectiveness of current teachers in K-5 classrooms. The initiative team will identify the gaps in knowledge of current K-5 teachers, develop a research agenda, pilot solutions in schools and inform evidence-based policymaking. The five-year effort will include a symposium in spring 2017 bringing together scholars in mathematics education, policy and learning sciences.


New Directions in Elementary Mathematics Education 

This invitational symposium brought together 40 of the foremost teacher educators, scholars of mathematics education, and mathematicians to assess the state of the field, developed a focused research agenda for the next three to five years, and established collaborations for future interventions and research. 


After overcoming huge obstacles, Yasemin Copur-Gencturk is changing the way we teach... read more.

For the Love of Math

Update from Yasemin Copur-Gencturk

Yasemin Copur-Gencturk and Collaborators

We are excited to share progress on a cluster of Math Initiative research studies led by Yasemin Copur-Gencturk that have been making rapid progress... read more.

Ian Thacker, Jessica Rodrigues, & Gale Sinatra

Mathematics teaching and learning does not occur in an emotional vacuum. The extent to which people engage in and learn difficult content is influenced by motivational and emotional factors, also called warm constructs... read more.

Research Brief: The Role of Warm Constructs in Fraction Learning

Research Brief: Math Teachers’ Gender-Specific Beliefs About Mathematical Aptitude

Yasemin Copur-Gencturk, David Quinn, & Ian Thacker

Persisting stereotypes and beliefs that certain disciplines require innate ability and individuals from different ethnic backgrounds or genders have different ability levels seriously impede students’ academic career paths... read more.

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